A message for the President…

Wow…Welcome back! What a crazy year we all experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the closing of schools, business, government lock downs and quarantines, it seemed as if things would never return to “normal”, yet here we are getting ready to kickoff and celebrate the 55th year of FAPPO.

Our Executive Board along with the Board of Directors and our Committee Chairs and committee members are working diligently to bring our association back to face-to-face events starting with the 2021 Fall Workshop in St. Augustine and the 55th Annual FAPPO Conference and Tradeshow in Orlando. We are also finalizing our 2021-22 budget to include our scholarship and college reimbursement programs and a new essay contest to provide “first timers” with a way to the annual conference.

Although we are working hard to make things happen, we can’t do it all, not alone. Our association is 1,000+ members strong and yet I struggle to fill a chair and committee list of 41 critical positions essential to the development and growth of our “professional” association. These 41 positions offer an opportunity to give back to our profession, not for MPCs or FAPPO Bucks, but for the opportunity to share the things we have learned, the obstacles we have overcome and the most importantly our successes. These are the things which make our FAPPO Vision – “to be the premier resource for knowledge and information on public procurement in Florida” a reality.

A copy of the chair and committee list is available on the association website. Please reach out to me direct by email or phone if you are interested in a committee chair or committee member opportunity. Hope to see as many as possible at the 2021 Fall Workshop and 55th Annual Conference and Tradeshow.



What's New


FAPPO is accepting proposals for presentations for the 2021 Fall Workshop to be delivered to the general membership on Friday, November 5, 2021. The deadline to submit proposals, bio and summary is August 13, 2021.

NIGP CPP Update July 2021

NIGP’s Certification Commission is honored to recognize the following 41 public procurement professionals from the Sunshine State who attained their NIGP Certified Procurement Professional designation (NIGP-CPP) during the May 2021 testing period.

2021 Achievement of Excellence in Procurement®

The National Procurement Institute, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2021 AEP Application and the 2021 Summary of Changes are now available. In addition, the 2020 Model Submittals are now available for NPI members. The application portal is open for submissions and applications are due May 15, 2021. Questions regarding the AEP Program can be directed to aep@npiconnection.org.

Award for Excellence in Public Procurement Awards

Please join the FAPPO Officers in Congratulating thirty-one (31) of our member agencies that have earned the 2020 Achievement of Excellence in Procurement® from The National Procurement Institute (NPI). A total of 188 agencies across the United States and Canada earned this award. See the list for the awarded agencies in Florida and send them a shout out for a job well done!